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Amazing Result

The Client

Glossima & Werheim is an interpreting agency and dictionary publisher. Its main objective is the Linguistic terminology projects given by the European Commission’s EDIC programme.
It is around for more than 30 years and has long-term cooperation with hundreds of companies from different sectors.

Adwords campaign

We were asked to deliver a new landing page for the company’s website. This webpage should be purpose-built to work with a new Google Adwords marketing campaign.
An engaging feel and high conversions was what we had on our minds for this page.

Conversions from the landpage rose to 62% of the totals

Landing Page

A responsive design built to lead visitors take action

Google Adwords

A profitable marketing campaign with Google’s famous pay-per-click service

Color Pallete

We used the same color harmonies and typefaces as the rest of the site.

responsive design

Vasilikis Tavaki 26
57001 Thermi, Thessaloniki
tel: 231 231 5054