E-shops & Websites

We work with each client personally regardless of your budget! Happy customers are our most valuable asset.

Building for success ..


We design our customers’ E-shops with Prestashop, the number 1 e-commerce platform in Europe. Huge brands have trusted this solution, such as Carrefour, η Νature’s flavorsHuygens.


We are experts in WordPress, the most well-known platform in the world.
The easiest for an average-user, if you choose to manage your site content on your own.

Photography - Video

Hi-quality media is essential to a successful site. This is why we offer this as an integrated service.

Content writing

We can prepare all texts for your webpage and all your business news in your blog. The writing is in a S.E.O. friendly way

Web Marketing


Promotion in Search Engines and SEO

Google Adwords

Showcase yourself to potential customers the moment they search Google for the products you offer! And only pay if they click on your site.. Be at the top of searches at the same time someone is doing a Google search for things you offer!

Yandex Ads

Need to target the Russian market? Then we will start you a campaign with Yandex. This search engine rules there with a market share of 60% ..

Baidu Ads

Need to promote yourself in China? Then by all means we will point you to Baidu.. The search engine that is used from 70% of Chinese people, in contrast with Google’s skinny 2,3%

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