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The Challenge

“Diorix” Constructions has hired us to build up their digital presence .. The firm needed to showcase its portfolio on a new website and on social plaforms.
We were just given the logo and a few pictures, so mostly everything had to be produced from scratch.

The Solution

On this project we had to take new photos and videos for the company’s portfolio. We delivered a website with minimal design, so that the beauty of the company’s own designs would stand out.

We engaged with both Facebook and Google+ for Diorix’s social presence and Youtube for distributing their corporate videos.

Multi-Level marketing strategy

Corporate videos

We produced 2 high-quality videos for the company’s most successful projects on Youtube.

Social media

We created both Facebook and Google Business profiles. Necessary to promote customer relations and attract new clients.

Colors & Typography

We used shades of green to emphasize on the company’s eco-friendly approach.

Quality Photography

We shot on location and took loads of hi-quality wide-angle pictures.
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57001 Thermi, Thessaloniki
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