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Amazing Result

The Challenge

“Mygdonia” Publications needed to get an E-shop ready and needed this fast !
A blog was also needed to promote the company’s activities and new pictures to back their new issues. Most of the information about their books was missing due to data loss. In other words we were asked to help a grim situation..

The Solution

We had to work on a very tight schedule on this project but perform just as good ..
We were able to recover the data lost so we made a jump start ! New pictures were taken for the hottest items on sale and did 2 full circles of client corrections. Everything in time !

E-shop Boosted Sales by 22%

Extensive demographics

We did our research on sale trends and we set our target age group.

Colors & Typography

We used a friendly and inviting color scheme. A robust typography was chosen to develop strong and reliable communication.

Quality Photography

We set up a mini-studio on location and took loads of hi-quality pictures.
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