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Amazing Result

The Client

“Mount Athos Center” is an Institute owned by the city of Thessaloniki and Mount Athos Community. It is a busy cultural organization, housed in a historical building site in the city centre.
Their activities include art exhibitions, conferences and publications. Also serves local scientists as a library and specialized bookstore.

The Site

Employees at the Institute had a clear idea about how their new site should be.. A vast amount of articles, texts and photos had to be organized in a clear and effective manner.
They asked for a site that would be easy to maintain themselves, so we did !
This involved streamlining complex procedures that would save them time and effort day in day out ..

Web traffic increased by 33%

Social media

We created a Google Business profile and supercharged their Facebook profile.

Quality Photography

We set up a mini-studio on location and took loads of hi-quality pictures.

Extensive Demographics

We did our research on visitor trends and we set our target age-group.

Video marketing

We created a channel on Vimeo, the famous video hosting platform.


A unique, in its usability, and full of elegance website by the hands of Kostis! Well done!

Anastasios Ntouros

Director, Mount Athos Center

Vasilikis Tavaki 26
57001 Thermi, Thessaloniki
tel: 231 231 5054